Thoughts for Myself

The Unforgettable

I grew up in a place where it snowed half the year. I used to sit by the window and watch the snow fall quietly from the sky onto the ground, muting everything I hear and whiting out everything I see. It was just me, the silence, and the colourless surrounding – the snow shut out the world and I had moments of peace within me.


Where I now reside, it rarely snows. I have no shelter from the flooding sounds and flashing colours. I am older now and have gained many more ways to handle them, yet I feel more dizzy and disoriented – I am finding it more difficult to weather the storm inside.


Maybe there is no direct cause-and-effect relation between the climate and the state of my mind.

Maybe I am just feeling the loss of the good ol’ days, and having a tough time coping.

Maybe I miss the joy and excitement I felt when I was the first one to make a footprint on the un-stepped snowy grounds.


It is probably a little bit of all of the above. If so, maybe it is about time I recalled also the wonderful job that was done by the snowplow operators to save the town from being lost in nothingness and keep it functioning as usual. Maybe the world without snow can still be tolerable and I will find my own way of functioning in it…


A last note: paying respect to the late American singer N.C. – a beautiful duet to remember.


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