Thoughts for No One in Particular

Monks, rocks, and new year’s resolutions

“Monk for three days” is a proverb in my mother tongue for not being able to stick to something for a long time – training to become a monk is said to be very harsh, and if you do not ready yourself for the challenge you will soon be forced to quit.


“Sitting on rock for three years” is another expression we have for continuing at something for a period of time no matter what – if you stay put long enough, even if it is cold at first it will warm up with your body heat and become less and less uncomfortable to sit on.


Common factors in these sayings: determination and perseverance… yep, the same factors needed to succeed on new year’s resolutions. So we make promises, and we know the keys in keeping them. Then, why do we still fail so often?


Maybe we make too many resolutions to remember, and cannot keep track of the progress of each.

Maybe the resolutions become more like a wish-list than doable promises, making them unrealistic to achieve.

Maybe we are unsure of the goals ourselves, and they quickly blur into our everyday life and fade away unnoticed.


Speaking from my own experience, I must admit that all the above “maybe’s” are true… been there, done that. But I would like to believe that I have become a little wiser from my past failures. So, I think I will make my resolution for this year to be “keep things simple, keep them attainable, and keep a clear focus.” What will yours be?


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