Thoughts for Myself

The emergent matter

One of my favourite winter scenes used to be seeing squirrels pop out from the snow-covered backyard, whether for fresh air, food, or just for fun. It was like they appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden, then the next moment they disappeared just as quick, only to find them sitting on a branch of a tree nearby.


“How’d they do that?” I wondered for the entire first winter I moved to this place, but the only look the squirrels gave back was a grin saying “catch us if you can!” (or so it seemed). Is it magic? Is it teleportation? Is it a conspiracy? Arrrr, I was going nuts!


Then one day in early spring, the answer presented itself as snow melted away – they had built an impressively extensive network of tunnels in the snow, and they were simply running around in them just like they do in any other season. No tricks, no special powers, no concoction… I was thrown off a little after all that strenuous thinking, but phew, was I relieved!


Many many years later, I suddenly realized I may be a squirrel to the people around me.

Maybe my thoughts seem to arise out of the blue, with no sensible reason.

Maybe my thoughts appear to jump from one to another without logical continuity.

Maybe my thoughts evoke caution because they are incomprehensible.

Maybe the network of thoughts in me needs to be revealed if I am to be taken for what I am.


So here is the first of three goals I set in this blog – the personal: think aloud and keep thinking aloud until I emerge as the matter that is.


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