Thoughts for Myself

Sprouting buds

When you plant new seeds, what are the things you take into consideration?


Maybe you think about what plants you want to grow.

Maybe you search for the ideal conditions under which to grow them.

Maybe you explore the tools and supplies you will need at different stages of their growth.

Maybe you worry about how to combat bugs and weeds.

Maybe you have to decide on whether or not to prune.


But before all these “maybe’s,” maybe you start with a vision of how you want your garden to look in any given season or what crops you like to harvest over the years. And even then, after all this careful planning and preparation, maybe you will still face unexpected events which require more consideration and flexible thinking to overcome.


In my academic years, I ended up specializing in Education. Although I did not deliberately choose this field, it came to me very naturally and I could see it being one of my lifelong projects. I dreamed of both the content and methodology of the schooling I received being put to practical use in my homeland. The only problem? When I finally returned home, no one dreamed the dream with me.


Times have changed since then. My country has finally started to envision taking part in a garden called “globalization,” requiring gardeners with appropriate skills and knowledge of both ourselves and the world for our seeds to sprout buds and grow in this garden.


So here is the second of three goals I set in this blog – the social: voice my dreams, and keep voicing my dreams until I find someone who would dream with me.


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