Thoughts for Myself

If you build it, he will come

– So says a whisper in the middle of a cornfield, in a late-’80’s American film starring K.C. Next comes a vision of “it,” and though hard times follow, more whispers (albeit being vague) guide through them. In the end, “he” shows himself, and the true intentions of the first whisper is revealed.


This short little whisper has remained intriguing to me ever since, for it leads to two completely opposite conclusions in me, depending on whether I take a Western-like viewpoint or an Asian-like stance. And because I have not been able to decide on which conclusion to endorse, I could not be sure of what actions to take and which direction to head.


Maybe “he” will come if I build “it” to his liking – but how will I know his preferences?

Maybe “he” will come if I build “it” where he can find it – but where will I find the best suited land?

Maybe “he” will not come even if I build “it” – then what am I to do?


But wait a minute here. Is there any point in pondering over these “maybe’s,” because one thing is for sure… if I do NOT build “it,” “he” will NOT come! The moment I realized this is the moment I thought of starting this blog in the middle of cyberspace. And now, I have begun building “it” – my field of thoughts. Will “he” come? Only time will tell, I guess.


So here is the third of three goals I set in this blog – the mystery: build up on my thoughts, and keep building up on my thoughts until I find the true meaning of this blog.


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