Thoughts for Everyone

What idle hands can do today

Manual dexterity is said to be one of the unique characteristics of human beings. We use our hands every day in many situations to bring about effects we desire in the world around us. How will they be used today?


Maybe someone will hold in his/her hand today cutleries to ingest something.

Maybe someone will lay his/her hand today over the keyboard to work on something.

Maybe someone will pick up with his/her hand today a pen to write or draw something.

Maybe someone will place his/her hand today over a button to launch something.

Maybe someone will grab with his/her hand today a means to break something.


But, maybe our hands have been too busy doing something, and deserves a break today.

Even for a moment, maybe we can drop everything out of our hands today and let them rest.

And in that pause, maybe we can think today of what other capabilities our freed hands will have.


I think I will fold my hands together before my heart for a prayer today, to be sent off to those who are thousands of miles away and in grief from loss a year ago today.


Aujourd’hui, mes pensées et mes prières vous accompagnent…


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