Random Thoughts

The yellow wood that stood between

Yes, the wood from a widely recognized work of a 20th-century American poet R.F. – the wood that stood to separate two roads over which “I” contemplated so hard before finally choosing one to travel down. I always wonder why a tree was put there, and why it was made yellow.


Maybe it defines the season, or stage in life – depending on how you interpret yellow, it could be spring (youngster) or autumn (middle-aged).

Maybe it sets the scene as being bright and shining – “I” am clear-headed and imagining a heart-dazzling future, whichever path “I” choose.

Maybe it implies tranquility and time standing still – “I” have all the silence and time “I” want and need to organize thoughts and make the choice.


Or, maybe it is there to hide the footprints with its yellow leaves – “I” am made to think like “I” am there for the first time, when in actuality “I” am traveling down the same road over and over again.


But then, maybe it symbolizes the presence of a wise man watching over – just as we can learn so much from the times an old tree has lived through, “I” could know more about the two roads if “I” only looked closer at the yellow wood.


Ah, so many “maybe’s” that this poem brings to me! It serves as a good checklist for me when I am making decisions.

Is this the right time in my life to make the choice?

Am I thinking clearly, and are the choices really attractive to me?

Have I spent enough time thinking, exploring all possible choices?

Am I not lead to think one way or another, making the same mistake?

But am I not being short-sighted, not seeing the bigger picture or listening to the more knowledgeable and experienced?


Any choice made by undergoing such vigorous check, will be more likely to bring a sigh of satisfaction than disappointment ages and ages hence. And I believe that is the kind of choice that makes all the difference, no matter the outcome. If you really thought hard, stick with it!


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