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Not exactly, but…

As I mentioned before, where I reside now it rarely snows. That rare occasion came last Sunday, starting to snow late at night. You would think it made me happy, right? Well, not exactly.


For one, the snowfall did not amount to much and it turned to rainfall the next morning, so what little snow that covered the ground melted away pretty quickly.

Two, the snow that falls in my town is quite wet, so it gets all slushy and slippery, and umbrellas become a necessity.

And three, because the town is not used to snow, plowing is horrible, and a normally well-operating municipality goes abysmal – people falling, trains stopping, sport matches delayed due to athletes not showing up on time, just to name a few troubles.

In short, things get ugly!


So you see, as much as I wish it to snow, snowfall in my town can never be exactly what I want. What a catch 22 for me… what to do??


Maybe I can change the way it snows in my town… um, not likely. Not an option to begin with.


Maybe I should move to another town where nice powdery snow falls in loads more often… that would make me happy with regards to snow, but I may be unhappy with all other things. Not a viable option.


Maybe there is something I can do to reduce the victims of snowfall… I can spread the word on how to walk on snow and ice patches, or plowing and de-icing with salt. Hmm, this could be a start.


If I cannot get exactly what I want, I will simply have to find the best in what I do get. This way, I will have no time to be bitter!


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