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Got this, forgot that

Last weekend, I decided to take on a new tatting project. This time I chose a motif that was a bit challenging for me. It requires a couple of techniques which I can do but have not yet brought me the satisfaction of mastery. (One is self-closing mock ring that I cannot seem to close firmly, and the other is split chain which tend to loosen and get stretched out.)


It was a small pattern with only two rounds, but I studied it over and over again until I had a good image of how to carry out. I knew early on I probably will not be able to do justice to the prettiness of the pattern, but I felt it would be rewarding enough just to be able to finish it.


So, there I was, all up to the challenge and ready to take it on. The first few elements went quite well and I paid extra attention when I came across the mock ring. I got it closed better than I expected… so far so good! I tatted along, concentrating especially on mock rings. As I went on to the second and third repeat it started to cup, but I was more concerned about the mock rings that I forgot to stop to think why…


Still going along, I finished the first round and got to the split chain, and although it loosened as usual, I was able to jump to the next round just fine. Phew, what a relief. No more tricky techniques, “I’m home free!” I thought.


Very unfortunately, my heart was crushed the next moment – I had fatal flaws in the first round that made it impossible to continue. No wonder it was cupping, it was all wrong! But the realization came all too late. It left me so shattered, I snapped. The thread, I mean.




Maybe I was not up to the challenge?

Probably. I was too hung up on getting the techniques right that I forgot to consider all other aspects of it before starting.

Maybe I was not ready to take it on?

Possibly. But I have to have a go at it at some point if I want to tat prettier patterns. They usually demand trickier techniques.

Maybe I will fare better the next time?

Hopefully. I know I am getting better at my weak points and I know the pattern well… it was not all a loss.


And here is how the project turned out this weekend. Not the best I could do, but I would settle with this for now.




One thought on “Got this, forgot that

  1. Pattern: Vintage large square insertion by N.B.
    Thread: Orizuru by Kanagawa (silk sewing thread, size #9, colour #43 – turquoise)
    Size: about 4.5 centimetres or slightly less than 2 inches


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