Thoughts for No One in Particular

Seizing Caerus

I was first told of this Greek mythology character by my father when I was making an important decision in my life. On my own. For the first time. Making a choice without anybody’s help was scary enough. But what made me more nervous was the fact that I had an opportunity in front of me that I was not expecting at all. I was very reluctant to take it because I could not picture even in the blurriest form how I would turn out if I took it.


That was when my father told me that “the God of Chance” had only one lock of hair on his forehead, and if I did not grab it before he passed me by, I will never have the chance to grab any because he is bold on the backside. To be honest, I was not sure about the whole hair analogy, but he was very attractive and he kept flinging his hair at me so enticingly. It was almost by nature that I reached to grab.


I am glad I grabbed hold of the chance then – I met my lifelong project, education. I cannot picture myself without it now. So, being so successful on my first take, I continued to reach and grab whenever I caught sight of opportunity. And I was good at it… I was on a roll! But looking back, I can see clearly now that I had made some not-so-good choices in my life. Where did I go wrong?


Maybe Caerus’ tempting smiles and teasing flings of hair blew my mind away, leaving me infatuated with having as many choices and not considering what they mean to me.

Maybe I was so consumed by Caerus’ quick feet that I reached in reflex, without even thinking what the opportunity was for.

Maybe it was not even Caerus but just a very close look-alike, and I was reaching for the wrong things without noticing that they are actually not opportunities but possibly pitfalls.


Well, I took some time off from chasing Caerus. I believe I have paid my dues. I think I have done a good amount of homework. I know I can be more cautious not to fall for the same “maybe’s” when I reach for my second chance when it comes my way.


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