Thoughts for My People

The sensible thing to do

In my younger years, my actions were the direct results of my feelings. If I was feeling happy, I smiled. If I was feeling mad, I lashed out. If I was feeling sad, I cried. If I was feeling joy, I danced (or so I tried!). It was the “sensible” thing to do.


As I got older, and gained more experience living, my actions came to be ruled more by reason. If I reasoned I was expected to feel happy, I made the corners of my mouth turn up. If I reasoned I should not feel mad, I let it go. If I reasoned I am supposed to feel sad, I shed tears. If I reasoned I was wrong to feel joy, I only danced in my head (so much easier!). Again, it was the “sensible” thing to do.


Now, I believe and hope that I am wiser. What would be the “sensible” thing to do at this stage of my life?

Maybe my actions need to be coherent with both my feelings and reason.

Maybe I can take the time to think through my feelings and reason before I act.

Maybe I can choose not to act until I feel and/or reason absolutely sure I am comfortable to act.


And maybe, as sensible adults, we can allow others, especially young minds, to do whatever is the “sensible” thing for them to do… in the sense that, we provide as many occasions and skills to become better at doing the sensible things, and as much compassion and safety net while they get/make (the) sense of doing sensible things.


I would really hate to see young promising individuals not being able to do what sensible adults call “the sensible thing to do” because they were never offered such allowance. Especially in schools in my homeland, where they are told of the actions but not the senses behind those actions.


…I would really love to get involved in doing the sensible things in the field of education in my country.


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