Random Thoughts

An off day

I must have gotten off to a false start today. Got off the bed on the wrong foot, maybe.


I should have noticed early on that something was off. When I went to make a cup of tea first thing in the morning, I had a feeling, a premonition almost, that I was going to make a spill. But I poured a cup anyway and down came the spill. Oh well, it happens… just clean it off. So while I looked for a cloth I knew somewhere in my head that I should put the cup aside before cleaning the mess, but I acted hastily and ended up making an even bigger mess. Arrrhhh, so frustrating!


But, I blew off the steam, kept my composure, and I had the situation under control in no time. All ready to get back on track… sat in front of my computer and started to do some research for today’s scribble. So far so good. But for some reason, I kept going off on a tangent. I was bouncing off the walls, or my thoughts were anyway. The harder I tried to collect my thoughts, the further they drifted off. Hmmm…


So finally, I had to take some time off and clear my head. I went to prepare lunch, and what do I do? I miraculously peel my skin off while cutting up tomatoes. Ouch! Not much bleeding, thankfully, but not a pretty sight. Right about now, I am starting to realize maybe my mind just isn’t with me today. Gone off the face of the earth. Swoosh.


What to do on a day like this?

Maybe do some tatting? Nah, I’d probably end up all tangled up.

Maybe go out for a walk? Nice, if the sky wasn’t so cloudy and gray.

Maybe listen to some music? Yeah, but I can’t decide whether to choose uplifting or calming sounds.


Maybe I’m better off doing nothing for the rest of the day. Then I won’t make any more mess, I won’t be in any more pain, I won’t feel so negative. And when I have done enough nothing today, I am sure I won’t be able to keep my hands off of doing something tomorrow.


Just an excuse for procrastinating? At the very least, I’m glad I got that off my chest. Off I go.


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