Thoughts for No One in Particular

Those who await spring breeze



My backyard? I wish!


As I mentioned yesterday, today is the First Day of Spring on Chinese calendar. It was a nice day to go for a walk so I visited a nearby municipally-owned garden in the hopes of finding some hint of spring in the air.


I looked for one in particular – plum blossoms. Plums are also called “big brother of all flowers” and “tellers of the arrival of spring” because they bloom before others in early spring. We enjoy their cute little red and white blossoms and soft sweet scent when there is no other colour or smell to enjoy. But I believe there is more to why we love them so much than just their entertaining nature.


Maybe it is the courage they show us in blooming in even the severest weather.

Maybe it is the auspicious feeling they bring to us that warmth is coming our way very soon.

Maybe it is the memory of good times they allow us to recall with its gentle aroma.


I hope the plum blossoms I found today will carry to you and me all of the above “maybe’s” on spring breeze.




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