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In the mood for celebration!

Happy Chinese New Year to my Asian neighbours!

For those who are celebrating, I wish all the happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

For those going through tough times, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


My country of origin does not celebrate Chinese New Year as a nation, but we welcome more and more Chinese visitors during this festive period every year and I am seeing more and more Chinese New Year decorations in the streets. One of the most commonly seen is the Dao Fu, the Chinese character for “fortune” or “good luck” placed upside down on doors in the hopes for the arrival of good luck. I love piggybacking on the festivities… hehe.


But today, I am in the mood for celebration for a completely different reason… Oooh, I cannot contain my excitement… My countryman athlete I mentioned here came out a winner this weekend! He had an abysmal time the week before, and he did not have his best game this week, but he survived a grueling match to be the one smiling in the end. How was he able to pull himself together so quickly?


Maybe he trained to rebuild his confidence in his shots.

He sounded not too pleased with his performance, but he appeared composed and committed in his shots at crucial moments.


Maybe he had his heart set for a return match.

He finished second by just one stroke in the same tournament the year before and seemed determined to better that this year.


Maybe he had good feelings about the course.

He has always had good results in the past at this venue and might have felt that Lady Luck would be on his side.


Maybe it was all in his mindset, perhaps with a little help from Dao Fu his way.

In short, it was waiting to be his all along, and he did not miss taking it – WELL DONE!!!

Oh, how I would love to piggyback on this festivity as well… hehe.


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