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Keep it to yourself

Maybe littering in the foyer of my residence.

I live in an apartment, sharing the entrance with some thirty-odd neighbours. They seem like nice people, but some are apparently litter-bugs. Never caught any of them red-handed, but evidence keeps showing up in our foyer. Fliers, food packages, broken umbrellas, etc. etc… and this is so even when our janitor has kindly placed a trash can for our use! I was taught by my mother that the entrance to your house is like your face, it is what people look at when judging you, so I feel disgraced seeing the foyer littered. I wish they would keep it to themselves.


Maybe putting on make-up on public transport.

I seem to be catching more and more girls with mirrors in one hand, puffs and brushes and lipsticks in the other hand while commuting on buses and trains. They rush to empty seats as soon as they get on, pulls out their cosmetic gadgets from their bags (which deflates to practically nothing) and starts an impromptu art show, letting you watch them become painted in pretty colours. But ladies, that is one behind-the-scenes I do not need to witness every day! I wish they would keep it to themselves.


Maybe socially unacceptable behaviours.

With the advancement of technology in communication, it has become so much easier to disseminate your words and images to so many more people. So many more to encounter, hang out with, and share laughter. But it also means so many more to go behind, betray trust, and cause pain and damages. It would be best if they do not do things that would hurt others, but if already done, at least have the decency not to have it out in the open and get caught. I wish they would keep it to themselves.


Nothing extraordinary about the “maybe’s” here, but for some reason, I am really bothered by them today.

Hmm… maybe I will keep the chocolates and flowers and love to myself tonight.


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