Thoughts for No One in Particular

Let it all out

Maybe your worries and other icky feelings laying at the bottom of your heart.

Revealing your deepest darkest secrets can be scary, embarrassing, agonizing. It could be so complicated that disentangling the feelings and finding the right words to describe them seem almost impossible. But your heart only has limited capacity, and if you do not manage the inventory of feelings it will soon be filled with obsolete stock that overflow uncontrollably. Then it would be so much more unacceptable, shameful, unbearable to the people around you than had you cleared those feelings earlier. I wish you would let it all out.


Maybe your weaknesses and other vulnerabilities you might have.

Exposing your most sensitive fragile parts cannot be easy. It is our instinct to cover them up so as to not get attacked. We try so hard to keep them away from others’ awareness. We get defensive and protective, sometimes overly so, when others start to take notice of them. But if you keep ignoring the differences between your true self and the image you put out, there will come a time when reconciliation is no longer possible without admitting some loss. Then it would be so much more difficult for others to lend you a helping hand in adjustment than had you consulted about those shortcomings earlier. I wish you would let it all out.


Maybe socially praised acts.

Caring for others when you are all so busy attending to your own matters can slip your mind. You could be so caught up with yourself, you might miss picking up the litter that lies at your feet, tell how beautiful the girl in front of you is, or be forgiving to those who have made mistakes but have learned their lessons. They are all little things that can easily fall through the cracks, but they can make others (and you) so much happier with such little effort than had you not acted just in time. I wish you would let it all out.


None of these “maybe’s” would feel formidable if we remember to attend to them from time to time – today, for example.

Hmm… maybe I will think about letting all the chocolates and flowers and love out tonight. Well, what’s left of them from yesterday anyway!


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