Random Thoughts

Four-peat’s sake!

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system… hehehe.


I am extremely thrilled to tell you that for two weekends in a row, a countryman athlete has won a tournament! This time, it is the one I mentioned here and here that became “The King.” How was he able to come out victorious?


Maybe he was able to win because it is not such a big tournament and there is less pressure.

Maybe he was able to win because a couple of bigger names pulled out and competition was thin.

Maybe he was able to win because Lady Luck is clearly present every time he plays there and he had good feelings.


Well, maybe so. But being successful at something four times is a row does not come easy.

He must have had to keep himself motivated even if the tournament was not as big.

He must have had to keep himself focused even if he was playing lower-ranked opponents.

He must have had to keep himself in a good physical condition even if he had luck on his side.

It certainly does not make the achievement any less meaningful or valuable.


So for Pete’s sake, give the man credit where credit is due! It may not be as sensational a headline as his fellow top-tier competitors put out there, but it certainly gets him mentioned in the same sentence… it is another steady step towards what his heart desires. WAY TO GO!




Now, if I could only do the same with my tatting – stay motivated even with small projects, stay focused even with simple elements, and stay injury-free from all those pointed shuttles and sharp scissors… Oh, my Goddess of Victory is so far away, but I shall keep trying!


One thought on “Four-peat’s sake!

  1. Pattern: “Heart’s Desire” by S.F.
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #132 “Tropical Punch” – variegated medium autumn orange, light yellow, light geranium pink, medium azalea)
    Size: about 4 centimetres or slightly over 1 1/2 inches


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