Thoughts for No One in Particular

Fascination or fear?

In recent days we have had some exciting news around the world and in my country of origin in the field of space research. We are now hearing more cosmic sounds with gravitational waves, and we have sent an x-ray “Eye” out into the universe to see more cosmic landscapes. What is it about the unknown that makes it stick in our minds?


Maybe it makes us curious.

When there is something we do not know, there is almost a natural instinct of us humans to want to know. We seek to think logically and rationally but the unknown prevents us from doing so. We feel uncomfortable being kept uninformed.


Maybe it makes us studious.

Our love of knowledge, the desire to learn about the unknown, makes us inquisitive and investigative. Is it good or bad for us? Is it safe or dangerous to us? Is it for or against us? We try to collect as much facts and truths as possible.


But sometimes, maybe we become dubious.

While we continue to gather information on the unknown, we could come across fiction and lies, or inaccuracies and partials. We could begin to suspect that it could be harmful to us. Fascination recedes and soon, fear begins to take over.


Then, maybe we want to make it oblivious.

When we become too afraid and worried, we shut down our circuit of thoughts and stop any further quest for knowledge. We remain clueless of what the unknown really is. We become ignorant of its value and deny its existence.


And where would that leave us? Confined in our own little world, never victorious in proving the hypotheticals, never luxurious with wondrous vibes and breathtaking views, never gregarious with other beings that could be out there. We would be missing out on so much!


I think I would choose to suspend all judgment on fascination or fear until the unknown becomes completely known to me. I may never attain full knowledge, but I am certain the journey would be all the more worthwhile and glorious!


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