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Unfolding in wondrous ways

I have said in my profile that I am gravely technically and digitally challenged. When I started this blog I was not at all confident that I would be able to manage it decently. So I decided I would keep it hidden from search engines until I felt comfortable enough about what I was doing with it.


It was my every intention to stay hidden for a while (or more) longer… until I received a message from the host (or whatever it is you call those who let you have your stuff on) telling me that the invisible setting was due to error in the system and they had taken the liberty to make the site be found if searched.


My immediate reaction: Who asked you?! (perhaps with some vulgar language following it…) It’s to no one’s benefit, I thought. I kept thinking I’m not ready for this, and the only thing it could do was to kill me of embarrassment. I rushed to the administrative page and I was determined to return underground.


But just as I was about to make myself disappear again, I paused for a moment. I asked myself, if I was not made visible this way, will I have chosen to myself at some point in the future? I did not have the answer.


Then maybe this be a blessing in disguise? No answer here, either.


Often times it is the outside forces that you have no control over that push you in a certain direction and, only if you let them run their courses, you are able to give them meanings in life. If you only choose to notice them and face up to them, their true values become apparent somewhere down the path you walk. Ignore them or turn away from them, and they will only give you suffering that you cannot make sense out of. Halt them, and they have eternally lost their chance to be “blessings” in hindsight.


So maybe I will let things unfold in wondrous ways. I think I will remain visible for now.


To everyone who has already found me, thank you for taking the time to read my post(s). My technical and digital illiteracy will not allow me to know how many of you are there – my stats page is not showing your visits (or views, or clicks, or whatever you call them. What’s the diff anyway?) for some reason… Can anyone help me on this? – but I already know you are all blessings to me!


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