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It ain’t purr-fect, but…

This past weekend, I finished off a tatting project that I had put aside for a while. I was a-mew-sed by the simplicity, loved the purr-ty colours of thread, and enjoyed the claw-ver design that appeared as I tatted along. But I could not carry fur-ward with it. Why?


Be-claws midway through it I realized I made some mistakes a few rows earlier and I could not decide what to do. Should I continue, knowing that the project will fur-ever be flawed? Or should I fur-get it and start all over? Either way, I had to gnaw… I mean, bite the bullet. “Somebody help meow’t!” I shouted out.


Of claws, no one heard me. (Well, maybe my neighbours, but they know me to be a screamer, so they paw-bably would not come rushing to save me!) I had to get through it on my own.


Did it have to be this way?

Maybe not. There must have been points in the past at which I could have done things differently. I could have re-fur-ed to the directions more often. I could have purr-sisted to be more careful. I could have paws-ed earlier so I was not so in deep I could not turn back. But I didn’t, and things came to be the way they were.


So after much paw-ndering, I purr-suaded myself to see through to the end. I liked everything about it too much to call it kits. I did not want it to become a litter. Besides, it is always paws-sible to do it again if I did not like how this one turned out. And here is how it turned out.




Paw-don me for only showing its shadows (and please excuse my right paw in the way!), but this was the best shot I got out of it. Purr-sonally, I think it turned out just OK. Despite all the mistakes and all the agony it put me through, I feel I was able to capture some of its innate meow-vel.


Do I wish I did not have to go through all this?

Maybe yes. But I think I had to find my way through it exactly the way I did. Fate or free will, I could not have made it any other way. It ain’t purr-fect, but I’m feeling rather purr-oud right now.


Well, cat’s it for today, folks!


P.S. Why such a pre-paws-terous scribble today? Apparently, it is (informally but quite officially) Cat’s Day today in my country of origin. I just could not resist… a-paw-logies!


One thought on “It ain’t purr-fect, but…

  1. Pattern: “Forever Young” by T.D. (or so it was supposed to be…)
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #134 “Mountain Breeze” – variegated light and dark mocha brown, light avocado green, medium salmon) (believe it or not!)
    Size: about 9.5 centimetres or slightly over 3 1/2 inches


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