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As time goes by

A year ago, it was around this time that I took up tatting. My first contact with tatting came earlier, when I bought a start-up kit with instructions on how to tat, a pattern, a shuttle, and some thread. I tried then to make a double stitch, but I just could not get what it meant to “flip the ball thread.” It was too much of a stress to figure out, so I put it all aside and forgot about it.


A year ago, I suddenly remembered about it. I had just quit my favourite pastime of three and a half years, and I had all the time in the world at my hands. I needed something new to fill the void in my heart, and I thought the mystery of the double stitch would be perfect to keep me busy. I decided to picked it up again.


I could hardly hold a shuttle the right way, so things were very slow to take form.

I had very little control over thread tension, so things were wobbly and flappy.

The instructions in the kit were all I had, so I only knew how to do rings and chains.


But when I completed my first project, I was so pleased I finished it I let out a deep sigh of relief… and at the same time, I was so disappointed at the quality I quickly kissed it good-bye. It is sooooo embarrassing, I could only bear to show a small part of it, but here it is:




A year later, I thought I would tat the same pattern to see how far I have come.


Maybe I tat much faster now that I can slip-and-slide with my shuttle.

Maybe I tat with much consistency in tension now that I can hold steady the thread.

Maybe I tat with much more confidence now that I know many more sophisticated techniques.


So when I completed the pattern for the second time, I was so proud I was able to whip it up I no time I let out a sigh of awe at my progress… and at the same time, I was so glad I was finally able to do justice to the prettiness of the pattern I quickly kissed it with affection.




A year later, it’s still the same old story – my love for tatting is never out of date. It has filled my mind and is now overpouring out here (sorry, but bear with me here!). It keeps me busy and takes my mind off of things that used to bother me. I am really happy with myself for not giving up on it and sticking with it. Ah, the power of love, look how much better a tatter I am because of it!


Still a kiss, still a sigh, the fundamental things apply. I still say I love tatting, no matter what the future brings. My heart is full of passion, but sometimes also a bit of jealousy (towards much more talented fellow tatters) and hate (of boredom from too many repeats of the same elements)… Just like it says in the song.


9 thoughts on “As time goes by

      1. Thanks again, notewords! I was not sure if anyone would want to see something I would rather keep hidden, but you have a point – there is a starting point for everything. It’s still very embarrassing, but I can now feel proud of it for marking the beginning of great times I’ve had since. I think I’ll keep the photo of my starting point up… I hope it is okay to show yours here as well.

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  1. Pattern: “Tatting Lace Doily” from Clover Petits Travaux Manuels tatting kit
    Thread: [last year] unknown (cotton lace thread, size #20, colour “milk tea” – ecru); [this year] Daruma lace thread by Yokota (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #4 – light beige)
    Size: [last year] about 15 centimetres or 6 inches; [this year] about 4 centimetres or slightly over 1 1/2 inches


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