Thoughts for No One in Particular

Three cold days, four warm days

There is a period of time between winter and spring in my country of origin in which days go by roughly in a cycle of three cold days followed by four warm days. When this cycle is seen, we know that spring is not so far any more. So although, strictly speaking, the phrase is considered a seasonal reference for winter in my mother tongue, nowadays it is often used in everyday life around this time of the year to describe how much we are looking forward to spring finally coming.


I have liked this phrase for a few reasons.


Maybe because it gives a feeling of hope that good times are just around the corner.

There may be no concrete basis, no solid grounds, no rationale behind the feeling, but just an inexplicable atmosphere around you that makes you feel “things are gonna be okay.” You need that kind of feeling sometimes, and this phrase gives it to me.


Maybe because it gives an insight into life that things works in similar ways.

You have your ups and downs. Some days are with laughs, but others could be quite rough. Some things just are, like the weather just is. You cannot control them, but there is no need to feel too helpless because it will all pass you by in time. It is like a seamless current – you just ride the flow, good or bad, and the sun will always rise from the horizon the next morning. You need this kind of insight sometimes, and this phrase gives it to me.


Maybe because it gives ideas on what must take place in order to grow.

Cold days are necessary for plants to grow stronger and flowers to bloom prettier when warm days come. Change may not show on the outside, but inside, they are busy taking in sunlight and water that are available even on cold days and converting elements into nutrients needed to grow. Without cold days, they will soon become deprived of energy to grow and be susceptible to even the slightest disturbances in the air. You need these kinds of ideas sometimes, and this phrase gives them to me.


Maybe because it gives a sense of relief that there is one day more of warmth than coldness.

So even if I stay home and do nothing because it was too cold one day, I will know that I will have one extra warm day to catch up on what I did not do. I may have even saved myself from catching a cold by staying in on a cold day, so I would not waste my time lying in bed sick on warms days wishing I could be out there. You need this kind of sense sometimes, and this phrase gives it to me.


If it is a cold day for you today, maybe you can come in here to rest and ponder about your warm days to come. You will always be welcomed.


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