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Crazy for you

We had a few warm days earlier this week in my town, which means pollen season is here. I for one am not affected, but apparently as many as one in four of my homeland’s population has pollen allergy. I hear a big chorus of achoo’s around me and I see so many in agony, but unfortunately there is little I can do for them… expect maybe give “bless you’s.”


Being brought up in the Western world, reacting to sneezes this way is very normal for me. I know it is just a superstition and there really are no evils invading the sneezers, but I got so used to saying “bless you” I cannot help it. It is a reflex – I have to say the words every time I hear a sneeze.


Now, many Asian cultures do not share this superstition, and neither does my homeland. Nobody says anything in reaction to sneezes, maybe making me all the more compelled to say “bless you.” I now make conscious decisions not to let a single sneeze go by without it. Sadly, my people just look at me funny. They probably think I’ve gone mad.


But wait. This is only one example of many a times my people think I am crazy, like…


Maybe when I have all my fingers crossed whenever someone is waiting for good news… My people probably think I’m quirky.

Or maybe when I knock on wood (well, wooden desks, but close enough) whenever I hear someone talk of their big wishes… My people probably think I’m weird.

Or maybe when I remove fallen eyelashes from others’ cheeks onto the back of my hand and ask them to blow them off… My people probably think I’m eccentric.

Or maybe when I find umbrellas opened indoors to dry on rainy days and practically throw them out onto the patio… My people probably think I’m paranoid.


Well, I guess I should be glad we do not have whole turkeys for Thanksgiving, or my people will think I’ve lost my mind trying to wrestle someone with Y-shaped bones!


To be honest, I really hate people looking at me like I’m a nut. But it is too bothersome to explain every superstition – many of them I do not even know where they come from, and besides, I do not want to sound even sillier trying to explain what appear to be silly behaviours. So, unless I stop being so superstitious, my people will continue to see me as a crazy person.


But my craziness is all intended for the people around me to have good fortune. I do not see why I should to stop doing them, even if I am taken to be crazy. Then, all I can wish for is to have you know that when I act crazy, I’m going crazy for you.


Oh, and one more thing: thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, whether new or repeaters. I’m going crazy for all of you!


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