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The sweet things in life

About a month ago, an old friend whom I have not heard from for quite a while texted me out of the blue, inviting me to join her on an occasion (which I will probably scribble about in the coming days, so hold on to your hats!). Because I felt it was very sweet of her to ask me out, I wanted to do something to show her how much I appreciated her remembering me.


Maybe I can get her some sweets?

I recall her having a sweet tooth, so I’m sure she will enjoy some. I searched for sweets she would enjoy, and finally got her a box full of goodies from a popular bakery in my hometown. But it all came too easy – all I did was sit in front of my computer and surf the net, then click on the purchase button and the goodies were in my hands in no time. This is nowhere near enough to show my appreciation!


So, maybe I can tat something for her?

I would put in a lot more effort than just getting ready-made commodities, and the whole time I work on the gift I will be thinking of her. What a sweet thought that is! But I have to be careful not to overdo it – not everybody likes receiving hand-made things, so it should not be too elaborate.


Then, maybe something short and sweet?

Yes, like a handkerchief edging. If I can do a decent job at it, my appreciation for her would be subtle but surely there. What a great idea! Or so I thought at that time. I had plenty of time to find the perfect hanky and the perfect edging pattern, and tat as perfectly as I possibly can. The sweet smell of success was all around me.


Until things started going wrong, that is. First, there was that gratification I could not delay that stole a few days away. Then, it took forever to choose the hanky, because the most important criterion – having a manageable size for me to tat around – was so hard to meet. And the search for the edging pattern, this was the toughest. I looked everywhere I could possibly think of, but I could not find the one. Not so sweet any more!


I spent so many nights awake, my sleep-deprived mind started to hear a devil whisper sweet nothings… “You’re a great tatter (which I really am not) and a creative person (which I REALLY am not), why not design one yourself?” Did I listen? Well, you know the state I’ve fallen into and how I came out subsequently.


Well, what a sweet misery it was. I am so completely drained, yet so very happy. I know it’s not the best out there, but I think it brought the best out of me. I feel quite lucky to have a hobby that not only brings me joy but makes me grow as a person.


Maybe this one is for keeps?

I won’t be able to resist it anyhow – oh, what a sweet surrender it is!


***March 13, 2016 Addendum***

I forgot to upload the completed hanky yesterday…




Ain’t she sweet? (Please say yes!!)



6 thoughts on “The sweet things in life

  1. Pattern: Unconfirmed, but I think it is my original (if so, I am thinking of naming it “Down Memory Lane”… any thoughts, anyone?)
    Thread: Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colours for anthers #170 “Pineapple Parfait” – variegated light yellow, medium daffodil, medium buttercup; for petals #122 “Caribbean” – variegated medium turquoise, dark lilac, royal blue; for leaves #138 “Leafy Greens” – variegated medium leaf green, pine green, medium olive, light leaf green)
    Size: handkerchief about 24 by 25.5 centimetres (roughly 9 1/2 by 10 inches); about 27 by 28.5 centimetres with edging (roughly 10 1/2 by 11 inches); 11 repeats per side plus one extra at each corner


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