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A moment of peace and quiet

As I mentioned yesterday, I attended an occasion today with my old friend here.




We met up inside with a few other guests who were complete strangers to us, and for about half an hour, we became one as we shared the time and space. We all ate the same sweets, drank the same bowl of tea, and listened to the host talk about all the thoughts he put in for this occasion. We all appreciated the hospitality the host provided to us, and thanked each other for the company. And then, we went our separate ways and went back to being complete strangers to one another once again.


You are probably wondering what is the purpose of this chain of events… well, I myself am still in search for the answer, so I cannot give you a clear response. But here is what I think.


Maybe it is about taking a moment to look around you.

You may be so busy going about your business, you could be missing out on getting to know the people who actually eat the same food and drink the same drink you do, or not notice those who really care about you and want to show you how much they care. Look around and share a moment with them, and you just might find out you’ve got more friends than foes.


Maybe it is about letting the moment pass by.

You may be so busy pushing along, you could be forcing your way onto others or never stop to care what others actually want. You may eat the same food and drink the same drink with someone, but you may not have the same thoughts and feelings. You can try to befriend, but when that doesn’t work, at least don’t make them become foes – just let them pass by as strangers.


Maybe it is about cherishing the moment.

You may be so busy attending to your own needs and wants, you could be ignoring those of others or forget that others have any. But how magical would it be to know that someone else actually wanted to eat the same food and drink the same drink as you! Whether they are friends or foes, just the fact that there is another who acts the same way will make you feel you’re not alone and would be worth cherishing.


Maybe it is about having a moment of peace and quiet in your busy life.

I got mine today savouring the last note of the occasion, and I would like to share it with you… we live in different parts of the world, but I believe we can still share the space and time for a moment and become one!




A little notice: Silly me, I forgot to upload a photo yesterday – if it interests you, take a look here!


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