Thoughts for No One in Particular

Shining winds making flowers laugh



My cottage? Only in my dreams…


This is a museum within a botanical garden that is run by a university nearby. We finally got some sunshine today on the last day of the long weekend, so I took a nice walk through this garden in the hopes of catching some “shining winds” – a seasonal reference for spring in traditional poetry.


Now, I mention seasonal references repeatedly in my posts and you must be wondering what they are. In our traditional form of poetry, there is a rule that says we must indicate which season the poem is about. But it would be unpoetic to just go straight out and tell the season, so instead we use names of things that are symbolic of the season and short expressions that describe the way we enjoy the season with our senses.


So, now that you know what seasonal references are, your next question is probably this: why do they keep appearing here?


Maybe I find it very amusing the way my people sense the seasons.

Maybe I want to feel closer to my people by sensing the seasons in the same way.

Maybe I thought it would be nice to open up and let you in on how we sense the world so you can get to know us better.


I shall leave you with some “shining winds” I found today, as a token of my appreciation for your visits to get to know me better… I’m no poet and my photography skills stink, but I hope you too can get a sense of the flowers laughing as the spring winds breeze by and the sunlight dances around them.


Last of the camellias for this year smiling graciously in the spotlight.




Some andromedas in full bloom bursting out into a giggle in bright light.




Some yellowberry (that’s what we call them, but what are they in English?) flowers shyly chuckling in hazy light.




And we cannot forget, the first of the cherry blossoms for this year with a proud grin just coming into light.



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