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Sad – Stay another day

I am feeling extremely sad today, for I am at a loss… maybe loss for persons in a city very dear to me.

The city has a special place in me, because it was the first place I lived outside of my country of origin. It is my French roots. My earliest memories begin there, many of which fond and warm.


I am feeling extremely sad today, for I am at a loss… maybe loss for ways to make sense of what keeps happening even though we try so hard to avoid them.

I cannot understand why it is so difficult to stop hurting each other and themselves. I am confused why there is a need to resort to violence, when we humans are given words to communicate in peace. I feel like we are each moving in circles in same endless maze separately, when we might be able to find a way out if only we knew how to work together.


I am feeling extremely sad today, for I am at a loss… maybe loss for words, or any other way of expressing my deepest sympathy.

I have been having so many thoughts running around in my head, but I cannot find a single suitable thing to say. I probably shouldn’t even be making a post today, because I just cannot get my thoughts organized enough to scribble.


But maybe you can be sad with me today – share my thoughts and have them stay another day. Let us stay together in our thoughts. It may be the safest place to stay.




One thought on “Sad – Stay another day

  1. Pattern: “Dove” by J.E. and flowers by J.S. (stem arranged for use here)
    Thread: Fine by Fujix (polyester hand sewing thread, size #40, colours [dove] ecru; [flowers, from left to right] #80 – dark navy, #132 – yellow, #178 – dark pink; [stem] #359 – sea green) – doubled for dove
    Beads (in dove): Miyuki Round Rocailles, size 8/0, colours [wings and tail] #1121 – yellow (sorry, didn’t have white long beads readily available in stock…) and [eye] #4300 – blue
    Size: [dove] about 5.5 centimetres or slightly over 2 inches from beak to tail; [flowers] each about 1.5 centimetres or slightly over 1/2 inch


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