Thoughts for Myself

Time well spent

I have this particular something that has been on my mind for quite some time. I have tried everything with it – accept it, fight it, break it, fix it, mold it… you name it. But nothing seemed to work, and I just could not find a decent way to deal with it. So in time, I simply gave up and decided not to do anything about it.


I knew this was not the right way to handle it. But I felt I was wasting my time trying to figure it all out when my thoughts were so tangled up I was getting frustrated just sorting them out. I needed some time off to cool myself, get myself out of the mess, and have time to breathe… breathe in some fresh thoughts on it.


Well, I have now spent a good amount of time distancing myself from it, and I feel I have a clear enough head to think about it in a calm and orderly manner.


Maybe I can stop going back in time in search for something or someone (including myself) to blame, and start looking to the future for the desired outcome so I can praise the things and people (including myself) working towards it.

Maybe I can stop racing against time to hunt for the perfect solution, and start taking it one step at a time to gather confidence that I can resolve the situation.

Maybe I can stop feeling out of time every time I fail to manage the situation, and start believing I will have better luck the next time.


I still do not feel I have enough courage or strength to face this particular something at this time, but I am beginning to sense that it will not give me as rough a time as it used to. When will be the right time? Only time will tell, I suppose.


But in the meantime, I aim to invest quality time thinking about it, so that when the time finally comes to face it, I can look back and say I had a time well spent.


Thank you always to everyone who visits here – I am very grateful for your taking time to read my post(s). I hope that, at least from time to time, I am able to interest you and make you feel you spent your time well here…


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