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Weeping but standing tall

We had a very beautiful day today in my town… so what do I do? I took a nice long walk around the pond in my backyard.




Oh, okay, so it’s actually another one of the municipally-owned gardens nearby. But this one is so close to my place, and usually I am one of the very few who visits, so I could almost call it my backyard, don’t you think?


But today, it was quite crowded – people were coming from all over the world to see this particular cherry tree blossoming.




It is a weeping cherry that stretches its arms wide open to be the first one to welcome you when you enter the garden. It is a breath-taking sight when in full bloom, in the day or at night. But I think you have to move in closer to see its true beauty.




Can you see the many supports it is given to stand?

Maybe it is the love and care of the countless gardeners that work here that allow this tree to be so brave to let in anyone that comes its way.


Can you see the buds and blossoms right to the tip of its thinnest shoots?

Maybe it is how full of life it is and how strong a will to live it has that allow this tree to be so proud to show itself as it is.


Can you tell the way its shoots bend but never break in the wind?

Maybe it is the flexibility, or the way it accepts everything, come rain or shine, that allow this tree to be so gracious even when facing so many of us that just want to take from it but never give.


It may be weeping, but it sure is standing tall. And when you stand tall, only the sky is the limit!




Hmm… I feel there may be a lot to learn from this tree on how to be truly beautiful.


Happy Easter weekend to everyone who is celebrating!


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