Thoughts for No One in Particular

The best, the worst, and all that’s in between

Maybe you can recall that it was exactly a week ago, when I scribbled about my extensively planned outings and how it got washed away by rain. Well, I should have confessed then that whenever I make plans to go out, the odds are it will rain. The probability is so much higher than coincidence, I should probably call it my version of Murphy’s Law.


So, maybe you would suggest me to not make any plans when I want to go out. Yes, that can work, provided that I have flexibility in my schedule and I go out alone. Like I did yesterday, for example… ah, what a lovely day I had. But what are the probabilities that both these premises hold true? It is far more likely that I make plans to go out as an outcome of scheduling with others for get-togethers.


Then, maybe you would say to me perhaps to not get my hopes up so high that it might not rain every time I make a plan to go out. I suppose if I do not want something so badly, I will not be disappointed when I do not get it. But would that not be taking half the fun out of going out – thinking about where to go and what to wear according to the weather? I would rather have the disappointments resulting from hopes and fun than not having any ups and downs at all.


Well, maybe you would tell me to simply prepare for rain if it is so inevitable. Brilliant idea! So I should take my rain coat and rain boots and big umbrella… and look 100% silly when that other Murphy’s Law – whenever you are ready for everything that can possibly go wrong, it never goes wrong! – kicks in?! But I don’t wanna be laughed at if I can avoid it!


By now, maybe you are quite fed up with all my whining and just want to see me out the door. Okay, okay, I’ll be out of your face in just a minute. I have plans to go out today anyway. (And of course, the weather forecast says it will remain mostly cloudy, with occasional scatters of rain!) But maybe you can give me a nice send-off before I go?


Like, hope for the best that it will not rain, but prepare for the worst by sneaking a folding umbrella in my bag, and find out that the odds are, most of the time things fall somewhere in between the two extremes… and I can learn to enjoy whatever I must weather.


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