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Soft and chewy tough cookie

Sometimes you have to be a tough cookie to get what you want. You have to be determined, work hard, and keep trying even in difficult situations to succeed. And even then, maybe you will not get the proper appraisal you deserve.


So you become a tougher cookie to receive what should be yours. You become increasingly adamant, absorbed in work, and headstrong to get your way. And then one day, when you look around, maybe you will find that there is no one there to give you credit.


Maybe you have become so tough you were no longer digestible… no one will want an intake of you when you are not nutritious.

Maybe you have become so rough you were no longer swallowable… no one will want a piece of you when you could be hurtful.

Maybe you have become so stiff you were no longer chewable… no one will want a bite of you when you are not pleasant to have.


Then, maybe you can leave a little softness in you, even at times when you need to be a tough cookie. It would not make you any less determined or hard-working or a trier – only more accepted, agreeable, and appealing. It will also allow you to adjust and respond to changes, keeping you creative and resilient.


But then again, I suppose it is nothing new – all the cookbooks out there tell you how to bake soft and chewy cookies, you know!


A last note: Iraq-born English architect Dame Z.H., you were a tough cookie, but showed incredible softness in your inspirational designs… I am sorry we could not have one of yours in my homeland, but I am certain your spirit will remain in your buildings around the world for years and years to come.


P.S. I just learned that today is World Autism Awareness Day – let’s show our support and Light It Up Blue, everyone!


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