Thoughts for My People

More or less, but nonetheless

Life can be hard, sometimes.


We don’t always succeed. In fact, it is more likely that we fail more often than we succeed. If we kept a statistics of our success rate, maybe we will find that our favourite sports teams are doing better than us, even at their worst of times!


So let me correct myself – life is hard, more or less.


But we still have to live it. And while living it, I am sure we would rather be more happy, or less unhappy. I know success can make us more happy, but they do not come by that often. Then, maybe we need to somehow find a way to make failures less unhappy occasions. But how?


Maybe we can learn from them.

Failures make us unhappy because we often come out of it empty-handed. But if we can find take-aways from them, they can become less disappointing, or more satisfying.


When we have learned of the take-aways, maybe we can study them.

Do the take-aways tell you what went wrong too many times, or what went right too less times? Are there ways you can do less of what went wrong and more of what went right?


And once we are done studying the take-aways, maybe we can apply them.

Maybe you will succeed and be more happy. Or maybe you will fail again and start all over to find ways to become less unhappy.


Then let me correct myself again – life is hard work, more or less.


But so long as we keep working hard at it, we will enjoy living it so much we probably won’t have time to think whether or not life is hard.


Well, I shall correct myself one last time – life can be hard fun, nonetheless.


I wish all the best to everyone in my homeland who are starting a new chapter in their lives today. I hope you will find that life can be more than just hard… it can be hard fun!


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