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Till we meet again

When I asked you to imagine a flower falling into a river flowing below on “The Starting Point” page, what did you picture in your mind?


Well, the forecast said that we would have stormy weather today, so I went to see the cherry blossoms one last time yesterday. And maybe I found the perfect “water flowing, flower falling” for this season.




The cherry blossoms were past their full bloom, so a little persuasion from the wind easily pushed the backs of the petals to leave their parent trees and fellow petals. “Till we meet again,” they said, and each took a dive into the river beneath.


Some, maybe with relief that they have been released from the duty of blooming beautifully and staying pretty for our eyes.

Others, maybe with excitement that they are no longer tied down to one place to be scrutinized by us and are finally free to do whatever they wish.

Still others, maybe with anxiety no longer having the protection of family and friends and not knowing where they will end up.


Whatever they were feeling, they each went their separate ways, floating down the river.




Maybe some never caused a ripple and remained cool and calm going with the flow.

Maybe others jumped up and down to stir the water and create waves reaching afar.

Maybe still others struggled to stay afloat but in time learned to enjoy the ride.


Whatever they were experiencing, they sure had a lot of cheers along the way!




And at last, they meet again. They come together to form a beautiful scene one more time.



(Sorry, this is not the same river as the ones above – it’s not even a river but a trench… but this was the best shot I got of petals coming together.)


This get-together by the petals is called “flower raft” in my mother tongue, and is a seasonal reference for spring. It is also one of my favourites.


Maybe because it shows me that, even after I am done being one thing, I can still make more out of myself.

Maybe because it keeps me hopeful that I will again cross paths with the people who parted from me sometime in the future.

Maybe because it makes me feel that, although I must go through life on my own, I am never really alone.


Maybe I am one anxious petal blown away onto a river, struggling to stay afloat. But I am optimistic I will learn to enjoy the ride someday, even if I am unsure of where I am going. And I look forward to becoming a part of a flower raft somewhere down life’s path.


Till we meet again, everyone!


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