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Walking in the spring wonderland



I hope you won’t mind another post related to cherry blossoms. I promise this will be the last one… until next year, that is!


The photo above is of the same place I caught sight of the “flower raft” that I posted yesterday, but later in the night. It is located right in the middle of my town, so I thought I would take a walk for a short get-away from my dazing and confusing everyday life.


But one step into this place and it felt like I have wandered into a wonderland that does not exist in this world. Suddenly becoming unsure of where I am, I turn around and look back to where I came from, only to see this:




I could see the city lights in the background, so I must still be somewhere on this planet, I told myself. But it seemed so far away, I became increasingly worried that I would not be able to return to the real world. Feeling terribly lost, I looked up with the hope of finding some guiding stars to re-orienting myself.




Not only did I find no stars, the cherry blossoms were covering my entire view and caving in on me to lure me further into the wonderland. Unlike the cute and innocent look in the daytime, they were now displaying a mysterious and bewitching side of them in the dark, and I was absolutely mesmerized. I became so captivated, I completely forgot about the real world in no time. Without realizing, I was walking deeper and deeper into the wonderland, to a point I was not only losing directional but also spatial orientation.




Am I standing upright, or has the world turned upside down? Am I real or just a reflection with no substance? Am I still wandering around in the wonderland, or here scribbling about my adventure through it? Or, was it all just a dream?


Well, maybe I really did go away to wonderland to escape the dazing and confusing everyday life, only to find myself even more dazed and confused there.

And maybe I realized that although the wonderland is an enchanting place to walk through, it is no better a place to stay than the real world, and I would rather be where someone can prove I exist.

So, maybe I really have come back to earth, with both my feet now firmly on the ground.


If you have read through this post, you are my proof that I am back in existence… unless it was all just a dream of yours, that is, in which case I can only hope that I was able to make it a pleasant and enjoyable one!


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