Random Thoughts

Climb every mountain

For a couple of weekends in a row, I have gone severely sleep-deprived… and very happily so! My two young countrymen athletes that I have repeatedly mentioned in this blog were in contention for tournament wins in their respective fields, but they were on the other side of the planet, so I had to stay up late to cheer them on. (I have a feeling my neighbours are going to come knocking on my door one of these days to tell me to keep it down!)


Unfortunately, neither of them were victorious.

Maybe the nerves got the better of them, and they became too tense to play at their best.

Maybe frustration threw them off their games, and they could not bounce back from missed shots.

Maybe their competition were so overwhelming, they self-destructed trying to do too much.


This time around, the mountains that stood in front of them were too high to climb to the top. But although appearing quite disappointed, their eyes did not lose the sparkle. I could see that they had moments of growth even in their losses, and they seemed eager to get back to training to make those moments last longer to become a more permanent progress. They were already eyeing the next mountains to climb.


Maybe all the drill and grill will not be enough to build muscle memory to remain relaxed, and they will still tighten up at crucial points in game.

Maybe all the practice will not make perfect, and they will still be frustrated with missed shots.

Maybe all efforts will not pay off, and there will always be some competition who are too tough to beat.


But maybe they know it and still choose to follow every byway, every path they know, in search high and low to find their dreams. They have certainly been giving all their love, or devotion, their dreams need, every day of their lives. And every mountain they climb surely gives them that much more confidence to make their dreams come true. Maybe that is why their eyes stay sparkly even in their losses.


And when I see their eyes sparkle, I am inspired to climb one more mountain of my own and give a little more love to my dreams… I wonder if my eyes are sparkly, even if I am severely sleep-deprived?!


I think I’ll get a nap before I start singing the show tune and really make my neighbours want to come banging on my door!


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