Thoughts for Myself

A good accounts manager

Maybe it first became apparent through mismanagement of network accounts.

Confidential information became exposed for the entire world to know. But before I became interested in the content of the news, I became worried about my own network accounts – this blog, e-mails, social media, internet banking… As I have noted in my profile, I am not at all a techy person, so it requires a lot of care for me to manage them. The news reminded me to keep a close eye on them to be a good accounts manager.


Next, maybe the not-so-transparent transactions of bank accounts raised suspicion.

Questionable money transfers are raising many eyebrows. But before my eyebrows were raised, my hair raised – are my money movements clear of any doubts? There was a time I worked as a professional to check the adequacy of account transactions, so I am especially careful with money. But the news reminded me to be ever more cautious of what I do with my money to be a good accounts manager.


And, maybe the accounts given by individuals associated with allegations do not seem to be full and/or the whole truth.

Some give explanations but not of the entire story, others have yet to comment, and still others even censor people from talking about the news. But before I give my view on it, I find a need to review my own accounts – can I give a cohesive justification of my actions that is comprehensive and comprehensible? Do I think it through enough before I act so that there will be no inconsistencies or discrepancies? The news reminded me to be able to articulate my actions to be a good accounts manager.


Maybe no one will care about my accounts, because I am not rich or famous like the people in news. But it still got me thinking about being accountable for my behaviour. I must admit that in my younger days I had not always taken accountability for my behaviour. But I know now as a grown up that every behaviour must be accounted for, if I am to be trusted with a role in the society.


Accounts manager – not easy being one, so labourious and demanding. But a good accounts manager receives much honour and respect…it all balances out in the end, I suppose. I shall always strive to be a good accounts manager.


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