Thoughts for My People

Best reflections of us

On the one hand, we are welcoming new students to schools and new employees to companies this time of the year in my homeland. We are eager to teach them a wide range of new knowledge and skills with the hopes that they will discover new interests and talents within them to make their future more visualizable and tangible.


On the other hand, we are finding ourselves these days in deep regret for not teaching some young minds with very special interests and talents of some of the most fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to avoid having their future go up in smoke and slip away through their fingers.


On the one hand, we have increasing concern that our young minds of today are less motivated to discover new interests and talents by themselves. We often end up doing all the thinking for them to get their attention oriented towards just any knowledge and skills they might want to learn, without giving consideration to whether or not they are suited for each one’s future.


On the other hand, we become so excited when we find young minds wanting to learn special knowledge and skills. We often praise them for showing interests and talents so early in their lives, and allow them to stop thinking of any general things they should or need to learn to assure their future above and beyond specialty.


On the one hand, we wonder why we give our young minds so much knowledge and skills to diversify from one another, yet get so many who come out just like any other.


On the other hand, we wonder why we provide the best conditions under which to nurture the diversified individuals, yet do not see them flourish due to malnourishment on the most common grounds.


On either hand, we wonder why the kind of diverse yet securely grounded minds we aim to foster with our education are so hard to come by.


Well, maybe we are at as much fault as the young minds are in how they turn out.

Maybe they are not learning right, but we are not teaching right either.

Maybe we have come to a point where we need to reevaluate the function of education to match the goals we want it to achieve.


I want to ask the educators and policy makers of my homeland: do we have a good enough image of how to make the future of our young minds more visualizable and tangible, and avoid having them go up in smoke and slip through their fingers? Have we not expected others to do the thinking for us, or allowed ourselves to stop thinking about the future of our country?


Because you know what? Children are the best reflections of us – they usually only repeat what we do. If we cannot answer these questions ourselves, we cannot blame our young minds for not being able to. I hope you really take the time and effort to rethink what you want education to mean to them to start teaching right. Then, maybe they will start to realize how much education matter to their future and start learning right.


Let us reflect real hard, so that the best of our reflections can take shape in our children.


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