Thoughts for No One in Particular

(Re)constructive talks

First and foremost, I would like to thank you to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers to my people. Two big quakes and a rainstorm in three consecutive nights, as well as continuing aftershocks throughout the day are really taking a toll on those affected, so we appreciate the peace of mind we are finding in your expressions of sympathy for us.


Because we are in this situation, we are all the more concerned for the people of Ecuador – there is very little we can do for you right now, but you are in our hearts and we wish to send our love and support to you. Please stay safe, stay together, and stay strong.


I grew up away from my homeland, away from having earthquakes as part of life. As such, I never quite developed the ability to handle its effects. I struggle to find how I should react and what I should do.


Maybe it is selfish of me to be here scribbling my measly thoughts that are of no direct help to the affected.

Maybe it is inappropriate for me to take a walk freely and enjoy the blossoming flowers when so many are stuck in a place where all they can see are their homes, their memories, and their foreseeable future reduced to rubbles.

Maybe it is wrong for me to be living as usual, in comfort – eating warm food, bathing in hot water, sleeping on bed, and all other activities the affected have been robbed of.


Maybe it is only to my satisfaction to ask for your thoughts and prayers for my people.

Maybe I am just a hypocrite trying to appear sympathetic… I would have gone out to enjoy the blossoming flowers anyway.

Maybe I should be ashamed of myself for thanking God I was not affected when I am seeing so many in distress.


But if I had the time to be critical of myself, I would rather use it to keep the affected in my thoughts and come up with things I could do to ease their suffering minds and distract them from feeling constant fear. I would rather use my time constructively.


And I believe that all our actions (or inactions, as with some people and organizations cancelling planned events) are the results of our thinking with the affected in mind. So I wish that we would all put aside our “maybe’s,” the criticisms, for now, and start talking constructively to unite our efforts in reconstructing the lives of the affected.


There will come a time when our actions (or inactions) must be reviewed critically – from the reactions of our national and local governments to the coverage by the various media, the analyses of the specialists, and down to the tweets and instagrams of the general people.


But I do not think the time is now. Rather, I think that now is the time for (re)constructive talks. Now more than ever.


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