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Let me hear you… I’m listening

People of Ecuador, how are you doing? I am seeing on the news you are in a very similar situation as ours, with continuous aftershocks, some quite big. You must be scared. You must be looking for a safe place to stay. You must be in need of a lot of help. Let me hear you… I’m listening.


We ourselves are just beginning to find out the details of the kinds of help and support that are needed by the affected. But it is still mainly for those who can tell us what they want – we do not mean to be, but we cannot deny that we have been rather inconsiderate of those who require special attention.


You could be elderlies who need assistance getting around. You could be expecting moms and moms with newborns who need to take extra care of yourselves in order to better take care of your babies. You could be those with food and other allergies who need to know what you are being given to protect yourselves. You could be those who need a little more personal space and a little less social interaction than others. You could be any of the many many more who we need to be aware of.


But unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to notice you and acknowledge your needs amidst the chaos we are in right now. We usually keep good records of you, but many have either been lost or cannot be retrieved easily. We have people from different towns coming together, making it harder to spot you in a bigger crowd. It also means there are a lot more people who do not know you and your special needs, leading to ignorance and neglect, though completely unintentional.


Maybe I do not have the answers or solutions for you, but I can try to find people who do.

Maybe I cannot be there for you physically, but I am with you in spirit.

Maybe there is nothing I can do to fix your hurt, but you can let out the pain inside to me.


So let me hear you… I’m listening.


And one more “maybe” to any of you out there with conditions that require special attention, or who take care of someone with special needs:

Maybe you can give me ideas on what we can do to notice people like you and how we can acknowledge their needs (or perhaps when we should leave them alone to avoid being overly attentive and nosy). Let me also hear from you… I’m listening.


2 thoughts on “Let me hear you… I’m listening

  1. We are all listening, and down on our knees in deep water prayers for everyone who is suffering this day. As we gathered for breakfast this morning, we paused to utter prayers for those who are hungry today and those who have lost their homes, their families, those things which can not ever be replaced. We prayed for their comfort, their peace, for an end to their suffering. We prayed that they might be fed, have clean water to drink, and the love of others around them. Our prayers seem almost hollow as we all would rather be “boots on the ground” helping in any way we can. I have dear friends in Ecuador who are still missing, presumed lost.


    1. Hi, jellico84 – I am very sorry to hear about your missing friends in Ecuador. I really do hope they will be found soon.
      Yes, it does make me feel helpless that I cannot be physically there to help out. But then I think, if I’m feeling this helpless, how much more helpless the affected must be feeling? So I think instead of things I can do even from a distance… prayers are certainly a good start. It does mean a lot to those on the receiving end, you should know!

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