Thoughts for No One in Particular

Extending warm hands

Many of my people are still grieving for lost ones, worried about the missing, and scared of not knowing what might happen to them tomorrow. But it appears we are slowly moving out an emergency state to enter the recovery phase. And as we begin to realize what a steep uphill climb awaits us, we are seeing an increased need for things that will keep us from giving in, keep moving forward, and keep faith in ourselves that we will make it through.


In my mother tongue, the word for healing, or treatment, is sometimes written “placing hands.” In this expression, “hands” imply capable individuals, and “placing” them meant taking care of the problem by applying people who can solve them. But a very well-known physician in my homeland, Dr. S.H., says that the essence of treatment can be found in this expression. (He is 104 years old and still going strong, so there must be some truth and wisdom in his words!)


“Magical hands, like those of our mothers, are what [treatment] should aim for,” he says. “We can all recall, in our childhood, fever coming down just by having our mothers softly stroke our cheeks, and stomachache subsiding just by having our mothers gently rub our bellies.” [my translation]


I am not a physician, so I cannot treat anybody medically.

But maybe if I can get my hands placed on where you are hurting, I can alleviate some pain before you give in.

Maybe if I can get my hands placed around you when you are tired, I can offer some comfort and get you moving forward again.

Maybe if I can reach my hands out to you when you are in need of one, I can give an extra tug and pull you through.


Maybe my hands are nowhere as magical as your mothers’, but I will keep looking for ways to extend them out so I can give some warmth, even if I am not in direct contact. Just tell me what you need – your wish is my (hands’) command!


It has been a week already (or maybe only a week) since the first big quake hit the Southwest region of my homeland. We are very grateful for all the prayers we have received and appreciate being kept in the thoughts of many around the world. We feel your hands extended toward us and are finding solace in their warmth.


Thank you also to everyone who has been working long hours in rescue efforts – we extend a warm hand to them for their courage.


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