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The spirits within words

One of the things I find very intriguing about my culture is our belief that we are surrounded by Higher Beings everywhere – it is said there are about eight million Gods! I think it is meant to teach us to never take anything for granted and be thankful for all that we are given, but still, this is A LOT!


And that’s only the Gods. In addition, we’ve got fairies, goblins, monsters, spirits… you name it. There are just too many of them, I probably take for granted at least a few of them and forget to thank a dozen more on any given day.


But there is one I try my best to always keep in mind, and that is the Spirits that lie within words.


It is believed that all words you utter, as soon as they come out of your mouth, are taken over by spirits that can make them come true. It is said that the wishes, or the intentions, that you utter the words with, sometimes become the spirits that take over the words. So, when you utter nice words, or words with kind wishes, the Spirits within may allow good things to happen. But when you utter mean words, or words with evil intentions, the Spirits within may bring about bad things to happen.


Maybe I am afraid of these Spirits because I was taught of them (especially of their negative consequences) when I was very little and the fear has been implanted in me deep within.

Maybe I am cautious of these Spirits because I have twice or more words I can utter with my fluency in languages other than my mother tongue.

Maybe I am mindful of these Spirits, now more than ever, because I am uttering here every day for potentially the whole world to see.


With the spread of social media, it seems we are able to utter words with more ease and to a much wider audience. And I think it’s wonderful, for the most part – they are proving to be a key form of communication in calling for help and asking for emergency supplies during the past week. The Spirits within the words that were carried through them have allowed good things to happen, saving many lives and consoling countless more.


At the same time, I think it’s awful and truly sad to see them be used to utter mean words and words with evil intentions, also with more ease and to a much wider audience. It really scares me how far the Spirits might choose to let bad things happen with the spread of these words.


Of course, I am no saint, so I cannot always utter nice words or words with only kind wishes. I have my moments when I feel like I absolutely must utter mean words or words with evil intentions. But I hope to be very careful of when and where I utter them, so that my words would not persuade the Spirits to let bad things happen.


I hope that by uttering my hope, the Spirits will allow me to make it come true.


A last note: I probably shouldn’t put them in the same sentence, but… Happy Birthday Queen, R.I.P. Prince. Both great in purple.


5 thoughts on “The spirits within words

    1. Hello, notewords! Thank you for your comment – good to know you found it interesting! I understand that the belief that there lie spirits in words is unique to my culture, but I think we all know the power words can have over us sometimes 😉

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