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To do or not to do… that is NOT the question!

This past weekend, I had a few things I thought of doing.

Maybe I will go to an event nearby that is held only once a year… I found out about it on the newspaper and it looked really interesting.

Maybe I will take a walk and see some flowers in bloom… I saw on the news it may be a really good time to enjoy some wisteria and iris.

Maybe I will check out the line-ups of a big classical music festival coming up… I went last year and I really liked it, so I would really love it if I could get tickets.


But after quite a bit of thinking, I ended up doing none of them.

I woke up early enough to go to the event nearby, but I was not feeling up to it any more… oh well, maybe next year.

The place I thought of going to see wisteria and iris is famous for them, so it might be very crowded… oh well, maybe some other day.

I asked a friend to come with me to the music festival, but she told me she had already made other plans… oh well, maybe last year was enough.


This is actually a very typical weekend for me. I like to find out the things I can do on my free time, and I write them down in my agenda. The whole time leading up to them I constantly contemplate whether to do or not to do them. But in most cases, I choose not to do them after all and find myself crossing them out.


I think I know why it is, at least for myself. I often find that, when I contemplate whether to do or not to do, I am looking for excuses not to do. I am not a very social or outgoing person, so I would either have to have an overwhelming urge or made a promise I cannot break to go out. And even then, I look for ways out up until the last moment.


So why do I put myself through such agony every weekend?

Maybe it is because I know that, when I do end up going out, I am really glad I did. Nothing I fear or worry happens – I suffer no “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” I usually have a wonderful time and wonder why I do not go out more often.


Then, maybe “to do or not to do” is not the question I should be asking myself.

Maybe in asking this question, I am already feeling hesitant to go out, and unconsciously leading myself to fail yet again.

Maybe the more appropriate question I should be posing is “how to be to make it be?”


Maybe if I can come up with ways to entice and enable myself to go out before I become hesitant and start making excuses, then I can quit being my own obstacle from having success in going out. And I can finally feel better about myself, for succeeding, and for having fun!


We have a long weekend and consecutive holidays in the middle of a week coming up. I have lots of things I can do on these days written down in my agenda. Maybe it is as good a time as ever to stop asking whether to do or not to do, and see if I can change the way I think to get myself out there.


If I am successful at “how to be to make it be”, you will be sure to find out here!


7 thoughts on “To do or not to do… that is NOT the question!

      1. You too, eh? Oh, how much more productive we could be with all the time and effort we spend coming up with creative and elaborate excuses! I better not have one this time…


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