Thoughts for No One in Particular

Things look up with looking up

I like looking up.


Maybe because I get to find out new meanings and new uses of words.

I think I have good enough control over the languages I speak, but I often find myself looking words up. With regard to my mother tongue, I do not want people to think I cannot speak it properly because I grew up abroad. As for other languages, I want to make sure I will not be misinterpreted because I chose the wrong words for what I really want to say. Looking up gives me extra comfort and assurance that I will be taken for what I am.


Maybe because I get to learn about how I can be who I want to be through the people I admire.

I want to be a nice and kind person, with a loving heart that accepts and forgives, but I look within myself and find very little of these qualities… I am afraid I am not a naturally nice and kind person. But I can appear nice and kind by mimicking the behaviours and gestures of people I find to be truly nice and kind. Looking up gives me extra encouragement and hope that the qualities I wish to have will someday grow on me.


Maybe because I get to sense pretty things I never cared to notice before.

When I am so busy and consumed with myself, I tend to become very nearsighted, literally and figuratively. So, once in a while, I remind myself to take a break from everything and look up and afar to see the moon smiling and stars twinkling, smell the flowers in bloom and hear the winds whisper. Looking up gives me extra moment to be at peace with myself and appreciation for all the beautiful things I am surrounded with.


Maybe because, through all these looking up, I get a feeling that things are getting better and I will be cheered up.


I like looking up. I would recommend it to anyone!


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