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Sending butterfly kisses!

Is there a magic phrase to say in your language when you get hurt, and/or an action everybody does in your culture to ease the pain?


In my mother tongue, we have a chant that sounds very similar to the first half of the nursery rhyme “rain rain go away, come again another day.” (If you replace “rain” with “pain”, it would be an exact translation!) We often say it while first gently rubbing, then flinging the arm away from the part that is hurting, to chase the pain away.


I find the phrase and action to stay surprisingly universal across all dialects and regions of the country. Everybody knows what they mean, young and old, boy and girl – no one mistakes the intention behind them.


I thought this week, I would send to my people affected by the big earthquake a couple of weeks ago this phrase and action. In some ways they are recovering at an astounding speed – railways and highways are reconnected, utilities are back in service, and a few schools have resumed. But they are also inflicted with new pain, having to literally throw away much of their past and present because they have crumbled to pieces with their homes. I think they can really use some magic words and actions just about now.


Regrettably, I cannot physically be with them to rub them where it hurts. So I thought I would send a proxy or two who can instead kiss the parts that are hurting and take the pain away with them when they fly away:




Maybe you can join me in sending butterfly kisses to my people, and the people of Ecuador who have also been hit by a flood on top of a series of earthquake?


As with sending flower power and bear hugs from previous weeks, there is no need to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you happen to have butterflies as a motif in your creative realm, you would kindly share it with my people and the people of Ecuador.


Maybe you could post your version of butterfly kisses on your site?

And maybe you can let me know by leaving a comment?


Again, no need to go out of your way. But if butterflies inspire you in any way, I wish you would go with it!


Thank you to everyone who visits here. I am so grateful you have chosen to spend your precious time to read my post(s). Your views motivate me to scribble through highs and lows… I hope you can find some highs (and not so many lows) during your stay!


8 thoughts on “Sending butterfly kisses!

  1. Pattern: “Butterfly frivolte [Google translation from Russian]” (I could not tell who I should credit the design to, but it is from this Ukraine site)
    Thread: [top] Fine by Fujix (polyester hand sewing thread, size #40, colour ecru) – doubled for tatting; [bottom] Lizbeth by Handy Hands (cotton lace thread, size #80, colour #104 “Summer Fun” – medium lilac, medium seagreen, medium pink, light turquoise, and white between colours)
    Size: both about 4 centimetres or slightly over 1 1/2 inches


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