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Just another day going by

How was your day today… did you have a good one?


I had a very trying day today, with no one to blame but myself…*SIGH*

Maybe I got a little too excited from everything that went right yesterday – I got carried away. I (very wrongfully) thought anything I do today will turn out just as fabulous. I suddenly got this brilliant idea and I jumped on it right away, in the middle of the night… to remodel my room!


What was I thinking?!

Me, the one who has to think things over long and hard before even twitching a finger. The person who takes so much care to explore all possible consequences of my actions so I will know what to expect. The slow mover.


Well, the usual me was clearly absent earlier today, or else I would have just laughed the idea off and went to sleep. I would have had a much calmer day today. And I would have been scribbling about something completely different here. But, there is no point crying over spilt milk… or as it turns out, spilt laptop, after a couple of hours of room remodeling in the middle of the night.


For the rest of the day, I was too busy dealing with all the unanticipated ramifications of a brilliant turned worst ever idea. I had to make an unplanned outing to make an unexpected expenditure on a new laptop, followed by an unforeseen trouble getting connected to the Internet.


But, as you can see, I am back here, owing a lot to the kind salesperson at the appliance store who matched me up with an easy-to-handle computer even for a tech-challenged person like me (at a surprisingly decent price, might I add) and the patient help desk personnel of my Internet service provider who walked me through step by step to get reconnected in no time. I cannot thank them enough!


And now, at the end of the day, I look back and think:

Maybe not the kind of day the usual me would have, but I had something to take away, learning to handle life with a little more grace than before (or so I think).

Maybe not the kind of day to get excited about, but it kept me going – not a single dull moment is more than I could ask for.

Maybe not the kind of day I would want to have again for a long time, but I would not trade all the kindness and patience I received today for anything else.


Maybe it was a rough rollercoaster ride-type of day today. But what’s life without a bit of ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns… even if it is you yourself who is causing them? In this view, maybe it was just another day going by. After all, I’m here to scribble about it just like any other day, aren’t I?


5 thoughts on “Just another day going by

  1. I’ll trade you days, dear one. It has been a two weeks stream of losses for me. In total, I’ve lost 10 friends to natural disaster and murder, 8 on the same day. I haven’t seen such losses since 9-11. I had hoped to live a lifetime before I saw such again. Sigh… I maintain my hope in God who knows the purpose and plans for His world, even if I don’t!


    1. I am so very sorry to hear about your losses, jellico84 – my heartfelt condolences to you and the families of your friends. I am sure you’re already finding comfort in those around you, but if it helps in any way, you are always welcome to come here and have a bit of my day… no trading necessary, it’s all free 🙂

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