Thoughts for My People

Sending wings of imagination!

When you were a little child, did you have a favourite book you begged your parents and teachers to read to you over and over again?


I had quite a few. There were a couple of stories with bears… one showed up in a train station one day wearing duffle coat and loves marmalade, the other often ventures around 100 Aker Wood and is especially fond of hunny. Then there were a series of Misters and Little Misses in bright colours with distinct characters. Oh, and there was the tale of an elephant that escaped the jungle and becomes civilized, in time to reign as the king of his herd.


It is this elephant that got me wanting to go to the classical music festival I mentioned yesterday – I found out in one of the programmes that there was music that went along with his story, and I just had to hear it! As I listened, it took me right back to my childhood days and got me reminiscing about how I used to take frequent imaginary trips into the worlds created in children’s literature.


At times, I was there to join the characters in their adventures and laughs. Other times, I was there to watch and learn from the characters how they worked their ways out of difficult situations. Still other times, I was there to share my stories with the characters and try to think of how they would react.


It has been three weeks since the first big earthquake hit my homeland, and we are starting to see acute stress reactions in many affected children. They are still frightened that their houses will collapse, unable to sleep or go to the washroom on their own, and are agitated and edgy. Although these are not uncommon reactions to strong distress, I am concerned that if they remain unrelieved they will cause significant hindrance in the children’s growth.


So, this week, I want to send wings of imagination to these kids – to take them to worlds in children’s literature where they can enjoy adventures and laughs, get ideas on how to work their ways out of their fear and stress, and share their feelings and thoughts to find out how others would cope with what they are going through. At the very least, these wings will let them stay close with the people who make them feel safe while the stories are being read to them.


Maybe you can join me in sending wings of imagination to the affected children in my homeland (and children in Ecuador who may be showing similar signs of acute stress)?


As with sending flower power and bear hugs and butterfly kisses in previous weeks, I would not ask you to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you have a story or a character from your childhood that helped you out in some way, you would kindly share them with the children in my homeland and Ecuador who may find the same comfort in them as you did.


Maybe you could tell me about your wings of imagination and the worlds you were taken to by leaving a comment?


As always, there is no need for you to go out of your way. But if I have reminded you of a children’s book that you have left sitting on your shelf for some time now, it may be as good as day as any to revisit it and have a little fun!


Also as always, thank you to everyone who takes time to come here and read my post(s). I really appreciate your visits, and I hope I am able from time to time to let you spread your wings of imagination and take you to places you have never been before while you are here.


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