Thoughts for Myself

The rose she is, the rose I’m not

When I think of my mother, this is the image that comes to my mind:





Maybe because she is a very strong woman, able to stand and bloom on her own… but sometimes too strong to be accepting of those who are less strong.

Maybe because she is a very sharp woman, quick-witted and to-the-point… but sometimes too sharp to let others who are less sharp take the time to work through their ways.

Maybe because she is a very radiant woman, attractive and enlightening… but sometimes too radiant she blinds those who walk in dim lights and shadows.


My mother was extremely well-educated for women of her generation. She had qualifications and a proper job that allowed her to work on equal terms with men. She was not scared to live abroad and had no hesitation getting immersed in Western cultures when there were still very few Asians to be found there. She took very good care of her husband and two children, always keeping a warm and safe place to come home to. She is beautiful inside and out, to this date.


To me, she has always been a superwoman. I am very proud to have her as my mother. And I am grateful that she has tried to raise me to become a strong, sharp, and radiant person just like her. She has been nothing but giving… but unfortunately, it was more than I could take. Or more importantly, it did not suit me, so I could not take it even if I wanted to. Being a rose like her is just not for me.


But mom, I love you for being the rose you are, and I hope you will always be. Happy Mother’s Day!


By the way, I met this beautiful rose, among many many others, in my backyard (not!):




You would never think this is the same garden, would you? It is very rare to see both an Asian and a Western garden in the same premises, but they complement each other so well here.


I will leave you with a few more lovely roses…



“Rio Samba” (Olympic Games in three months!)



“Abracadabra” (for the way it magically changes colour from creamy white to pink rose)



“Royal Princess” (dedicated to our Royal Princess A.)



“Peace” (always wishing for it…)



“Blue Moon” (hopefully more than once, and more frequent)


8 thoughts on “The rose she is, the rose I’m not

      1. You think? Then the beauty you see in them must be coming from within, fostered by the very skilled and dedicated gardeners there… I enjoy their excellent work just as much as the flowers themselves 😉


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