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Sending scented breeze!



I wonder if you can sense a gentle breeze blowing past early summer foliage, carrying a fresh smell of new leaves?


We call this “scented breeze” (or “green gust” if the wind is stronger) in my mother tongue, and is a seasonal reference for early summer that I see being used quite often around me.


It is quickly getting hot and humid in my homeland. But there are still tens of thousands of people in the regions affected by the big earthquakes a month ago who do not have safe and stable roofs over their heads to escape the glaring sun. Heatstroke and dehydration are their new concerns.


So, this week, I thought of sending their way some fresh air, and I found just the place to go seek some… The above photo was taken in a park just a couple of train stations north of where I live, which used to be the residential area of the head of the village over 150 years ago. The head created a few artificial falls and opened up the premises to the villagers during summer to let them feel some fresh air in blazing hot weather.




Does it not make you feel refreshed seeing this sight, hearing the water splash and smelling the scented breeze blowing by you?


Maybe you can join me in sending scented breeze to my people in the affected area?


As with all previous get well messages which started with sending flower power, there is no need for you to do anything special or extraordinary. Only that, if you happen to catch a breath of scented breeze which you found to be refreshing, you would kindly share it with my people.


Maybe you could tell me where your scented breeze was blowing in the comments below?


Again, I would not ask you to go out of your way. But maybe you need some fresh air yourself… if so, here’s an excuse for you to maybe go a little out of your ordinary way and enjoy a bit of time off!


Thank you always to everyone who visits here and reads through my post(s). It means so much to me that you take a few minutes out of your day to come here… you stopping by is a scented breeze to me!


A little token of appreciation from me to you:



These are chairs placed at one of the arbours in the park – I love coming across such playfulness when least expected!


3 thoughts on “Sending scented breeze!

    1. Thank you for your comment, notewords – I figured it would be so on your side, but your comment itself is a scented breeze. Your thought is greatly appreciated 🙂
      I saw some real ducklings at the park, and they were just as cute as the seats, but they swam too fast for me to get a decent photo of them… I suppose they will come again as well 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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