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Never a full story

On any given day, I spend a substantial amount of time reading through the news of various sources, domestic and international. Sometimes, it surprises me how the same story is covered so differently by different journalists, sources, and countries. The more I search, the wider a spectrum of views I find… and the more I feel that no story can ever be covered fully.


But I actually find it to be a good thing.


Maybe it is evidence that more voices are being picked up and presented to be heard.

We all have different backgrounds – in culture, religion, education, and much more – which make us experience things in different ways, giving us different feelings and opinions. I find it important to know the emotions and thoughts the people of different demographics make available (but at the same time, keep in mind that there are still those unavailable), to avoid being narrow-minded.


Maybe it is an opportunity to learn of new ways of looking at the same things.

As I read through the different coverages of the same news, I find out how others – those affected directly and indirectly, those looking in with interest from the outside, those who believe they are completely unbiased, and many more – are seeing the same events I am seeing. I try consciously to find views that partially or completely oppose mine, knowing my tendency to only look for those that support mine, to avoid being one-sided.


Maybe it is a reminder that we live in a world of diversity and we must learn to accept differences.

When I go through the many views that are out there, my first reaction is quite emotional, sometimes quite strong. But I make sure I take the time to rationalize what has made me so emotional. Often times, it is simply the joy of affirmation or anger of rejection, without understanding the reasons behind them. Once I examine carefully these reasons, I usually find myself saying “I don’t agree, but I see your point.” (Mind you, there are exceptions, when I just say “yeah, whatever!” and dismiss the view altogether.)


So, maybe I will never get the full story of anything. But I make sure I get a fuller story, from as many different angles as possible. I think it makes me a fuller person… but hopefully never full of myself!


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