Thoughts for Myself

A routine to change

I have a lot of routines I do not like being broken or interrupted. I have a certain way of waking up and getting out of bed, washing myself, putting on clothes, brushing my teeth, preparing breakfast… and so on and so on. I find it comforting and soothing when things are done exactly the way I like. I do not know why they have to be done the way they are, but they just have to be, or I will be cranky for the rest of the day.


I do not expect my every little quirk to be understood, I just do not want others telling me there are better ways. I do not expect others to do as I do, so I do not wish others to expect me to do as they do. I do not expect others to accept them, I just want to be left alone.


Am I being too stubborn? Maybe.

Am I being too unaccommodating? Maybe.

Am I being too difficult to live with? Maybe.

But that is the way I like it.


So, when something bizarre happened here yesterday, just when I thought I had established a routine for making posts and making sure there were no mishaps, I got very cranky at first. I stayed up for quite a while, furiously trying to figure out why yesterday’s post was pushed down below the post from the day before, but without any success. And then I realized – maybe the routine still needs adjustments.


I am not in complete denial of changes. The routines did not come into existence overnight. They go through a long period in which they gradually transition into routines, through much trial and error. I try to be observant and filter out things that are totally useless and dysfunctional, or simply outright wrong. And I would like to think I am always open to improvements.


I apologize to everyone who may have been confused yesterday for the mix-up of posts. It is my fault I could not check for such error before posting. But I now know where my routine needs improvements, and I will make changes so I will never cause the same confusion again. I may be digitally and technically challenged, but I think I owe it to you all to make sure I keep improving the way I manage this site.


Here is a new routine from today: a routine to change… I aim to make a habit of making improvements. I intend to be stubborn and unaccommodating about it, but I hope you can live with it!


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